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person mxschmittaccess_time 15. Juli 2020

We are a Multi-Game-Clan, that offers a Teamspeak³ Server to its community for playing games together or simply chatting.

We have a public area and a closed area, exclusively for clan members. If you are online often and likable, you can apply to be a member. Sometimes we play Rainbow Six Siege or CS: GO as part of ESL and other times games like Minecraft or Payday 2.

You can also create a semi-permanent channel. If you have been online often and are upright, you can contact an admin (see the team page, for further information) – or in some cases, an admin may even contact you – in order to make your channel permanent.

We expect everyone to follow these guidelines to ensure an enjoyable experience:

  • Don´t scream in channels or play very loud noises
  • Don´t switch channels in quick succession
  • Don´t share unnecessary links or IP-trackers that are confusing or disturbing

Here you can connect to our Teamspeak³ Server

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