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person maxibankiaccess_time 15. Juli 2017

We are a Multiple-Gaming Clan, who owns a Teamspeak³ Server. We want to share this with our community, so we can play games together or just talk about some topics.

We have a public area, and a closed area for clanmates. If you were often online and faithful, you can apply for the gaming clan. Sometimes we play esl in Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO or sometimes other games like Minecraft.

You can hang out in the public area or create a semi-permanent channel. When you were often online and enjoyable, you can contact an admin (see the team page, for further information) or an admin contacts you, so he can make your channel permanent.

We expect from you some important requirements:

  • Don´t scream in channels or have crazy very loud noises
  • Don´t hop into the channels around
  • Don´t share unnecessary links or IP-trackers which are confusing or disturbing

When you agree with that, so we can have fun together and chill in our channels.

Here you can connect to the Teamspeak³ Server

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