person mxschmittaccess_time 15. Juli 2017

Can I become a server admin?

Mmhh,… No!

How much does it all cost?

Domain: 14.99$
Server: 46$
Server work and self-improvement: $

Who owns the Server?

mxschmitt ~ Max or sometimes known as iknabixam.

Why run a server?

Because I like to work with the TeamSpeak APIs, and love programming. You will find more information about my work over at GitHub.

Why was I banned?

If you don’t think, banning you was justified, feel free to contact me by mail: [email protected]

Could I be assigned more groups? (Youtube, Twitch, Member, Moderator etc.)

Yes, you can, if you are upright and online often, we can figure out if you would be capable to do things like that. Don’t be afraid of asking though.

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