person maxibankiaccess_time 15. Juli 2017

Can I get Server admin?

Mmhh,…. No!

How much does that all cost?

Domain: 14.99$
Server: 46$
Serverwork, and Improvements of myself and the work: 999999$

Who owns the Server?

maxibanki ~ Max or sometimes better known as iknabixam.

Why do you do that?

Because I like to work with the teamspeak APIs, and I love programming. More information about my work will you find on github.

Why am I banned?

If you aren´t agree, with your ban reason, feel free to contact me by mail: [email protected]

Can I get more groups(Youtube, Twitch, Member, Moderator etc.)

Yeah you can, if you are faithful and often online, so we can discuss, if you are able to do things like that. Don´t be aware of sending an application.

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